A Trip for Every Type of Traveler

We know travelers come in every shape and size, with different backgrounds and interests. But we’re all united by one common aim when we travel: experiencing something different than we can at home. Whether that is trying a few words of a foreign language, seeing new plant and animal species, learning about other religions, conversing with those who grew up with a different set of values, trekking across world famous monuments, or seeing some awe-inspiring natural landscapes or phenomenon, travel allows us to grow in some way, if we let ourselves.

Here are 12 amazing trips for 12 different travelers:


The Euro Sophisticate

Imagine the best of France: stately chateaux, delicious regional cheeses, single-vineyard wines, and a whole lot of history. The only thing that could make those any better is by visiting them by means of a unique form of transport. Will a 1953 Citroën Traction Avant do? How about a driver and guide at your service? Check. This day-long tour of the Loire Valley takes in a couple castles, lunch at an elegant restaurant, a wine and cheese tasting; all with a personal touch. Only an hour from Paris by train, this is the perfect way to tour the rolling French countryside in classic style.

We recommend:

Loire Valley Chateaux by Classic Car


The Communist Sympathizer

victory day transnistria

Most of us never got a chance to travel to the old Soviet Union. Luckily, for us, there is still a chance to go back to a Cold-War era country. Unfortunately, this is an active point of contention for Moldova and the scene of a former conflict. Today visitors can safely travel to the breakaway Republic of Transnistria. Transnistria is an unrecognized country (except by other unrecognized territories). After less than a couple hours drive from Chisinau, Moldova you can be posing next to Lenin statues, paying your respects at a Great Patriotic War (WWII) memorial, and collecting coins and stamps from this country that doesn’t exist. And if you’re there on May 9th you can witness the Victory Day parade and meet war veterans.

We recommend:

The Soviet Experience in Moldova


The YOLO Millennial

Imagining sweaty Havana nights, fueled by rum, dancing salsa? Havana may be for you. But it’s also for those who love the sun in their face and wind in their hair, riding a classic convertible car through the old town of Havana. Should I keep going? Do you want to experience the inspiration of Ernest Hemingway, the beauty of Vinales, the flavor of a hand-rolled cigar? But more than just a tropical indulgence, this trip is an insightful look into contemporary Cuban society where you’ll have meaningful interactions with locals and really get a feeling for what it’s like to live here. And that’s the reason we travel, right?

We recommend:

Experience Havana Tour


The Solo-Traveler in Training

sukhothai thailand
Thinking about breaking off on your own someday for the trip of a lifetime. Southeast Asia is the place to go and Thailand is an ideal country to start. Our Experience Thailand tour will get you off-the-beaten-track and experiencing local life in this intriguing country. While the tourist hordes are lying on the beach or partying all night under a full moon, you’ll be witnessing life in a Thai village, admiring the grandeur of past empires at Sukothai, getting hypnotized by chanting monks in Chiang Mai, and getting close to elephants the responsible way. After our trip, extend your travels and explore more of Thailand or neighboring Cambodia or Laos on your own.

We recommend:

Experience Thailand Tour


The Active Retiree

Transylvania Tour
It seems everyone’s heard of Transylvania, but what do we really know about this place “beyond the forests” besides as the birthplace of Dracula? Beyond the myth, it’s actually a fascinating corner of old Europe. The history-soaked cities, pretty small towns, and colorful villages shed a whole new light on this misunderstood place. Transylvanian history is significantly linked to that of the Saxons, who came from Germany starting in the 12th century to settle the region. Their legacy of impressive fortified churches, walled cities, and uniform houses remain to this day. Expect walks in the countryside, climbing medieval clock towers, eating home-cooked meals, experiencing the hospitality of village life, and meeting a Roma coppersmith.

We recommend:

Experience Transylvania Tour


The Nomad at Heart

mongolia tour
Does traversing the steppe and staying overnight in a ger, the traditional home of Mongolian nomads, sound like an adventure to you? Then you might be a nomad at heart. The vastness and solitude of the Mongolian landscape are something you’ll remember for a lifetime. This is a special place. And so is trekking across the sand dunes of the Gobi and visiting old Buddhist monasteries. Mongolia is one place where it pays to join a small group tour. Many roads, or should I say tracks through the countryside, are unmarked, and you’ll want to have a driver who knows the way and local who can introduce you to some of the only nomads left on earth.

We recommend:

Experience Mongolia Tour


The Latin Soul

Long gone are the days when narcos ruled Colombia. And it’s time to disassociate Colombia with these issues. Today Colombia is a naturally endowed land of soaring mountains, long stretches of coastline, high-elevation coffee plantations, colonial towns lost in time, and the warmest people on the South American continent. The backpacker and Latin soul in you will love the laid back pace of life in Colombia, the gorgeous landscapes, and perhaps even the long, winding bus rides. Pack light and hit the road for an amazing trip around the best of Colombia.

We recommend: Experience Colombia


The Culture Vulture

Want to get up to the furthest reaches of China? To high-elevation Tibetan villages, experiencing a way of life influenced by centuries of Buddhist tradition? Sichuan Province might be for you. In the highlands of Sichuan Province, you’ll experience the culture of Tibet without actually going into the region of Tibet (which requires a special permit). Expect lots of natural beauty on this trip to unforgettable villages and monasteries, over landscapes of rugged, snow-capped mountains, glacial lakes, rivers, grasslands, and forests.

We recommend:

Experience Tibetan Culture in Sichuan


The Wine Snob

Wine Festival Experience in Moldova

You’ve done Bordeaux. Crossed Napa and Sonoma Valley off your bucket list. You’ve gotten your fill of Tuscany. Want to enjoy a thoroughly untapped wine region? One where none of your friends have been? Enter Moldova. I know what you’re thinking. If I’ve never heard of it, the wine’s probably sub-par at best. Maybe 15 years ago, but not today. The Moldovan wine industry has improved leaps and bounds in the past decade. Old wineries have reinvented themselves with new technology and new wineries are the product of smart investments and great care. Moldova was the old vineyard of the Soviet Union and today the country offers excellent wine as well as old monasteries, delicious cuisine, Communist-era relics, as well as really friendly people.

We recommend:

Wine Festival Experience in Moldova


The Asian Soul

unquote travel

Maybe you’ve been to Japan or China. You’re a natural with chopsticks. You’re slightly obsessed with Korean cuisine. You may have an Asian Seoul. Experience the best that Korea has to offer: a rich history, living culture, insightful museums, pulsating cities, and a taste of their world-famous Korean cuisine. South Korea truly is a swirl of ancient ways meeting modernity and with our local guide, you’ll experience this country from an insider perspective. From beyond the typical tourist path, we’ll show you old neighborhoods and the best markets, explain the nuances of Korean culture, and dig into a wide variety of Korean favorite foods.

We recommend:

Experience Korea Tour


The Wildlife Lover

It may be a cliche, but really there is no place quite like the Galapagos Islands. And traveling by yacht is the most authentic way to explore them. Cruising through the Galapagos offers travelers the unique experience of visiting many areas of the archipelago that are only accessible by a live-aboard boat. Each day includes hiking on a different island followed by a snorkeling excursion. The wildlife is unbelievable. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We recommend:

Experience Galapagos Tour


The Snow Hare

You’re the type that others don’t understand. You actually like the winter. You look forward to the cold and snow and winter sports. Have you been to Finland in the winter? I’m talking about Finnish Lapland, way above the Arctic Circle. In winter. Well, besides a snowshoeing excursion, beautiful winter scenery, reindeer sightings, dog mushing, and learning about the native Saami way of life, you come here for the Northern Lights. You never forget the first time seeing them and the phenomenon cannot be properly explained with words. Put on your wool layers and go north this winter!

We recommend:

Northern Lights in Lapland


Which type of traveler are you? Tell us in the comments below!

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