The Unquote Travel Story:


Unquote Travel was brought to life after more than 20 years of independent travel to over 90 countries. One truth that remained constant throughout those years of long train rides, bustling local markets, street food snacks, and smiling faces was our search for great experiences. We wanted to make unique things happen, meet people, and get to the bottom of what made that place special. We wanted the real. The authentic.


Besides witnessing these foreign countries and their cultures for ourselves, nothing would give us greater pleasure than helping other travelers make these discoveries on their own. What if we could change group travel? What if we could make it different? What if our small groups could travel in the spirit of independent travel?


Now we’re doing just that. Leading small groups of travelers around the countries we know best and the places we are most passionate about: where we know the best local food, the friendliest guesthouses, and the most memorable ways of getting from place to place.


For the destinations beyond our reach, we’re teaming up with only the best local tour providers; ones that understand our travel values and are dedicated to bringing you on the best and most unique adventures. One that will show you the true spirit of the destination.


Join us! Please reach out to us with any thoughts or questions. Hope to see you on one of our small group tours soon!


Stephen Bugno, Paige Totaro, and Juno Kim




Unquote Travel

Smaller groups, better experiences, real travel